News: Introduction Into the Game!

Introduction Into the Game!

If you have never heard of Team Fortress Two here is your chance to play!

Before we get into anything complicated, there are some basics you should know.

Step 1 How to get it!

  • Team fortress two is actually a free game! It is easily obtainable by downloading steam for free at From there, you can download TF2 directly to your computer
  • First, be sure that your computer can handle the workload! TF2 is a very computer intensive game. 

Step 2 Title screen

  • Introduction Into the Game!On the title screen there are many buttons as well as amazing music playing in the background. 
  • Here are what each button does
  • Start Playing: Randomly chooses optimal servers for you to play on
  • Browse Servers: Lets you choose exactly what server to play on
  • Training: A sort of tutorial for TF2 ( I suggest you do this!)
  • Items: takes you to your backpack and loadout for each class
  • Shop: takes you to the man co store to buy items
  • Replays: A list of replays you have taken during gameplay (f6 during normal play)
  • Steam workshop: Where users submit their TF2 weapon and hat designs

Step 3 Classes!

In TF2 there are 9 classes each with their unique abilities and weapons be sure to choose wisely! They are listed here in order. Upon request from just starting players, who are interested in a class, I could try to give more advanced help in the form of larger descriptions and details about them.

  1. Scout: Runs really fast and has a shot gun.
  2. Soldier: Has a rocket launcher and the ability to rocket jump
  3. Pyro: Flamethrowers! and compression blasts
  4. Demoman: Sticky bombs as well as a grenade launcher 
  5. Heavy weapons: Has a really large gun named natacha 
  6. Engineer: Has the ability to create buildings
  7. Medic: Heals people 
  8. Sniper: Sniper rifle, Bow and arrow. One of the two classes with an instant kill
  9. Spy: Can turn invisible, turn into enemy players, and backstab them for an instant kill

Step 4 Get started

What are you waiting for! Rack up some experience and ask me questions!
Ill will eventually release video tutorials, but for now... just words D:

Tutorials for the future:

Demoman Defence

Spy Sprees

Sniper Snap aiming

Pyro Airblasting

Sticky, Pipe, and rocket jumping

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